Common Questions about the First Appointment

What is the address of the Counseling Center at Heritage?
The Counseling Center is located on 595 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 222, Montgomery PA, 18936. At the corner of Richardson Road and 309 in the Heritage Executive Campus.

How do I know what my copay is?
Depending on how far in advance you schedule, all the information should be verified a day before your first appointment. Feel free to call us that day at (215) 997-7772 to find out your exact copay!

When should I arrive?
If you have your paperwork completed, it is advised to arrive 15 minutes in advance so we can verify that everything is completed correctly. If you do not have your paperwork, you will need approximately 30 minutes to fill out the information!

Do I need to bring anything?
You need to bring your license and your insurance card so that we can take a copy of them. In addition, you need to have all 6 essential pieces of the paperwork.

How long is the appointment?
For adults and adolescents, appointments are generally 45-50 minutes.  For children in play therapy, the first appointment is for the parents only and ranges from 35-40 minutes.