Brianna Howe, MA

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” ~ Jack Kornfield

Clients I See
I see children, adolescents, adults, and families (Ages 3+)

Topics I Address
My education and professional experience has prepared me to cover an extensive range of counseling topics. I have experience working with many presenting concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem, life transitions, interpersonal challenges, family/marital conflict, and behavioral concerns in children. I recieved specialized training in trauma counseling, as well as child and family counseling. My areas of special interest include body positivity and intuitive eating (including with individuals who have medically stable disordered eating patterns), LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples and family therapy, & working with young adults making the transition from teens to adulthood.

My Thoughts on the Therapeutic Process
I work largely from a cognitive behavioral perspective,  operating from the belief that our thoughts are the root of many presenting concerns, impacting our feelings and our actions and therefore our quality of life. That said, I believe in using the intervention that is best suited for the client and their concerns and keep up to date on interventions and research to ensure I am following best practices. Behind all of the clinical language, I believe people are always doing the best they can with what they have, and having the space to explore the things holding them back can help them navigate the road blocks and make the changes they desire. I like therapy to be collaborative and comfortable, encouraging clients to offer feedback and take control of their session time to make sure they are empowered in their healing.

My Professional Experience
I have been working in mental health since 2012. I began my career working in a runaway and homeless shelter for kids and teens, learning the complexities of trauma, family systems, and behavioral concerns in children. I was able to work directly with these youth to address their immediate needs and behaviors, as well as work with the caregivers in their lives to help them transition home. Beyond that experience, I have experience working as a TSS and a domestic violence crisis hotline responder. Since getting my Master’s degree in 2016, I have been working with individual, couples, and families in various settings, providing talk therapy. Settings include in-home, family-based services, community mental health facilities, and private/ group practices. 

Degrees and Certifications
BA  in Psychological and Social sciences from Penn State (PA)
MA in Counseling Psychology  from Arcadia University (PA)

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