Adolescent Therapy: Ages 11 – 17

Growing up can be hard. Middle and high school can present a lot of challenges (and changes) that adolescents are not prepared to handle alone. The therapists at the Counseling Center at Heritage recognize that having someone to talk to can make a huge difference in the life of a teenager. Since adolescence encompasses many stages, we find that having many different types of counseling modalities available helps to create a comfortable environment that lets teens share and delve into presenting issues.

Activity Therapy: This type of therapy is exactly what it sounds like and more.  It uses the combination of art, games, and talking depending on the needs of the adolescent.

Talk Therapy: This is the most traditional form of therapy where you sit and talk with the counselor about the challenges you are currently facing.

Expressive Arts Therapy: This type of therapy works well for individuals who like to use creativity as an outlet to address issues in their lives. Expressive arts is a unique method of therapy that can encompass the use of sandtray, movement, art, crafting, writing, music, and more.

Sandtray Therapy: This type of therapy uses sand and miniatures to create visual representations to assist in  processing events and difficulties. The sandtray often acts as a reflection of the individual’s life and allows one to gain insight in a visual way.

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