Couples, Co-Parenting, and Families

Couples Counseling
No one becomes part of a couple expecting to end up constantly arguing and fighting with one another. Nor do they expect to lose interest, feel empty, or crave fulfillment from other sources. Many couples experience this turbulence in their relationships. With our help as experienced, neutral guides, we work with you to take the next steps in your relationship, whatever that may be for your situation.  After that, we build on those successes to move to deeper and long-lasting changes.


Having a family is one of the most natural things in the world; however, parenting doesn’t always come easily; particularly when we are in a situation where we are no longer together as a couple.  Finding the right approach for both parents can be tricky, but the therapists at the Counseling Center at Heritage are trained to align your parenting styles with your child’s needs so both parents are on the same page, working towards the same goals.


Families are a wonderful source of unlimited support and care, but it takes work to maintain those relationships in a healthy way. Coming in for family therapy allows you to gain better communications skills with your loved ones and become a more cohesive unit. The Counseling Center at Heritage has many trained therapists who can help improve issues that present in your family.  Whether it be conflict, trauma, or loss,  we function as the unbiased navigators to direct dialogue to reduce the discord at home.

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